Spring 2019


Week 1

Week 1: Welcome to the React Decal

This week we will talk about what this class is about and get started with Homework 0!

Homework 0
Getting started with HTML and CSS
Lab 1
In this lab, you will get to know your lab groups and build a simple website in class!
Lecture Slides
Week 1 Lecture Slides
Lecture 1 Notes
Week 1 Lecture Notes

Week 2

Introduction to JavaScript

This week we'll be learning about the programming language of the web: JavaScript. JavaScript helps make webpages made up of CSS and HTML come to life! We'll be learning what is and how to interact with the HTML document using Javascript.

Lecture Slides
Week 2 Lecture Slides
Lecture Notes
Week 2 Lecture Notes
Homework 1
Homework 1: JavaScript & Debugging
Lab 2 + HW 2
A deep dive into Javascript and the DOM!

Week 3

Responding to Events in JS

This week is focused on how we can handle and respond to user input on our webpages. We'll be exploring the use of callbacks functions and how we can leverage them to write clean code.

Lecture Slides
Week 3 Lecture Slides

Week 4

Welcome to React!

Time to see what this decal is all about! We will be learning about the basic structure of React in the context of static applications

Week 5

React Fundamentals Pt. 2

We are going to continue to build upon and review the concepts we introduced last week. We'll be talking about class components, functions as props, and reviewing last week's lab.

Lecture Slides
Week 5 Lecture Slides
Project 1
React Decal Project 1!
Event Handlers Demo
Event Handlers Demo from lab 5

Week 6

Introduction to React State

This week, we will learn how we can use a core React Concept called "State" to re-render our components!

Lecture Slides
Week 6 Lecture Slides
Lecture Webcast
Week 6 Lecture

Week 7

Thinking in React + Network Requests

This week we'll talk about how to Think in React and also how to make network requests!

Week 8

Component Lifecycle

Today we're going to learn how we can hook into the lifecycle of our components and why we might want to do that

Lecture Slides
Lecture 8 Slides
Lecture 8 Demo
The finished codesandbox from lecture 8
Lecture 8 Webcast
Lecture 8 Webcast
Project 2
Project 2 Spec
Lab 8
Lab 8
Project 2 Team Search
Project 2 Team Search

Week 9

Finishing up Advanced React

Week 10

React Ecosystem

This week we'll be diving into the wonderful external ecosystem for React and Javascript! We'll be learning how to use npm and add external libraries to our project.

Lecture Slides
Week 10 Lecture Slides
Lecture Webcast
Week 10 Lecture Webcast
Lab 10
Ecosystem Lab

Week 11

Deployment and Project Showcase

In our last week, we'll learn how to take our project online and share what you all have been working on!

Lab 11: Deployment Guide
Lab 11: Deployment Guide
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